What Nutritionists Eat For Breakfast

We’re used to seeing pancakes piled high, topped with butter and syrup, but there’s a much lighter way to enjoy these treats. The simple solution is pancakes that have flourless batter consisting of old-fashioned oats, egg whites, grated apple and a dash of cinnamon. The key is to let the mixture sit for 5 to 10 minutes before cooking, so the oats plump up from the moisture in the egg and fruit. Also heat some canola oil to keep pancakes from sticking. Ladle spoonfuls of the batter onto a griddle, flip them when they start to bubble, put them on a plate and eat them with fresh berries. The cakes are high in fiber, protein and vitamins, and will keep you full all morning.

Broccoli (Yes, Broccoli)
Eating broccoli everyday can be very beneficial since it contains a phytonutrient that converts to an antioxidant when consumed. Try to add a serving of frozen broccoli to a smoothie (it’s great with peach, mango or banana along with a small handful of cashews or hazelnuts, water, ginger and protein powder). Or, you can sauté the florets and leaves in avocado or coconut oil, then cook an egg, scrambling it right in with the veggies.
Breakfast Food With A Lunchtime Twist

Stuffed French toast may sound fancy or fussy, but nutritionists swear it’s simple. It is a tasty, high-fiber and protein-rich meal. First, prepare an almond-butter-and-pear sandwich; then, plunge it into a mixture of milk, egg, vanilla extract and lemon zest. The final step is to sauté the soaked sandwich until it’s golden and crispy on both sides.

A Parfait That’s Not What You’re Expecting

Try making a layered parfait — but instead of using the usual yogurt, granola and berries, mix up you own puree in a blender, consisting of pitted dates, berries, coconut milk and protein powder. The dates add sweetness and fiber, plus they give the mixture some heft. Then layer the mixture with nuts, seeds, fresh berries and shredded coconut (yogurt optional!).

Eggs With A Kick

Nutritionists love vitamin- and fiber-rich green smoothies. You can make one they would approve! Use a whole bag of spinach, plus water, whatever fruits you have on hand and flax or chia seeds. But if you don’t have time to pull out the blender, you can use a few hard boiled eggs. Peel them, slice them in half and top each piece with whole-grain mustard and pepper; both add great flavor with very few calories.

Lisa Burbage

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