Trouble Remembering? Consider taking a hike


We do our best thinking when we exercise.  That’s because more blood — therefore more oxygen — gets to the brain when we increase our heart rates by taking a walk, jogging, playing golf or tennis and the like.  And, no matter how old you are, the sooner you get yourself into the “habit” of exercising properly, the better.

Studies show that a person who regularly exercises into old age typically has a larger functional brain than those who do not.  In other words, he or she has more gray matter than white between their ears.  What makes this even more interesting is gray matter in the brain typically shrinks in late adulthood, and this loss of brain mass plays a key role in memory decline.  Meanwhile, white brain matter tends to develop more lesions, which is not good.

So, no matter how old you are, try to develop a regular aerobic exercise regime that lasts at least 30 minutes daily.  Remember, this may mean that, depending on your age and health condition, you should check with your doctor first on how rigorous your exercise should be.

Lisa Burbage

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