Food not made to waste

Americans waste an estimated 40 percent of their food — approximately 20 pounds per month — despite universal knowledge that people are starving all over the world. It’s a depressing waste of time, effort, energy, money, water, land and other vital resources. All of which is more than enough to make anyone with a conscience sick!

So do yourself a favor and appreciate that food is not made to waste. Here’s what each of us can easily do to help resolve the problem:

  • Plan ahead.  Costco is nice but first work out a deal to split it up with family and friends.
  • Use what you don’t use for smoothies, sauces, juices and soup stocks.
  • Most of us have a freezer but don’t maximize its use.  And don’t forget the zip-lock bags.
  • Expiration dates don’t mean it’s time to throw food away.
  • Most people-food is good for pets too.

Composting is recycling at its best. Buy a small, easy-to-use composting barrel and mine your own “black gold” for your garden.

Lisa Burbage

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