Political Correctness Can Be Deadly — For Men

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Hey guys, do you have any close friends other than your spouse? I mean really close friends — ones you can talk to about personal problems.  It’s been estimated that more than 2.5 million British men (that’s every four men of 10 in the work place) have no out-side-the-home friends they would turn to for help or advice in a crisis, and the problem increases after they reach the age of 55.

British women, however, fare much better — every seven of 10 British women have people they consider close friends in addition to their spouses no matter how old they are.  Could this be a reason women generally live longer than men?

It should be noted here that some studies show Britain is the loneliness capital of the European Union for both men and women — but the trend holds generally throughout the United States as well.

That’s because men are generally out of the habit of striking up new friendships as they age, and healthy support systems for male loneliness are limited primarily to civic organizations, which nowadays are generally no longer for men only.

Could this be a reason men typically die younger than women?

First consider the fact that it has only been since the late-1800s that women started living longer on the average than men.  Prior to then the death rates were about equal, except during times of war.  But among people born after 1900, the death rate of men ages 50 to 70 has doubled that of women of the same ages.

The primary reason for this sharp increase in death rates for men is believed to be the rise in heart disease and stroke in male members of the human species.  That mostly has to do with a man’s tendency to have more body fat than women and less interest in eating right to reduce it.

But there is a very interesting factor to be considered here:  peer pressure.  Since older men tend to have fewer close male friends, there is far less pressure on them to look the part of being a manly man.  Women, on the other hand, compete with each other far more when it comes to looks.

So, fellows, you might want to change your attitudes about social relationships, especially in this age of extreme political correctness.  Having fewer and fewer men’s-only get-togethers as you age is a matter life and death.

Lisa Burbage

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