Resolve to Stay Motivated


OK, you’ve made your resolutions for the New Year and you have been following through for almost four weeks. Some of you are sticking to the program. Most of you, for one reason or another, are not. What’s next?

First and foremost:  Start a conversation with someone else.  Tell them about your goals and how you intend to achieve them.  By vocalizing these things, you are not only getting a better picture of what’s required, but you’re also publicly committing yourself to see it through.   You want to lose 10 pounds by exercising more and consuming less sugars and fats?  Then formulate a reasonable weight-loss plan, make sure it’s a good one, run it by your doctor, tell your partner or your best friend or your wellness coach — AND STICK TO IT!

Remember, some healthy competition — even if it’s with yourself — is a very good thing.  But you need someone else who cares to talk to.  We’re not talking about a drill sergeant here — someone to harass you into shape. We are talking about someone who understands your goals and the proper methods that will help you hold yourself accountable.

The following tips are some things you need to include in your plan, and to share with your “accountant”:

  • Exercise first thing in the morning. You’ll have too many excuses not to the longer you wait each day.
  • Be optimistic.  Focus on the good things you receive by sticking to your program. And make sure your expectations are not set too high too soon.  For example, it’s not about losing weight too quickly.  It is about exercising wisely while boosting your mood and achieving lasting results.
  • Stay active. Starting early every day with a proper warm ups, stretching, strength training and aerobic exercises is great.  But strive to stay active throughout your day. Get outside as often as possible. Take a walk, use the stairs, stretch often, focus on your breathing, help others with little things.  All of this adds up.
  • Invest for the future. Picture yourself years from now as healthy, happy and feeling stronger every day.  What you do in the present moment will help you the “present moments” to follow.  Nothing stays the same.  So get busy now and stick to it.  You’ll feel better about yourself in the process.
  • Enjoy yourself.  Eating right, exercising, staying active throughout the day all require that you like what you’re doing.  Don’t look at it as “work,” consider it “fun.”

Lisa Burbage

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