No More Excuses


Good question:  What is “apathy?”

Apathetic answer:  “I don’t know and I don’t care.”

You are not apathetic. You care.  If you didn’t, you would not be reading my health blog.  You would not know that apathy is a leading cause of death.

Yet, in the context of your wellbeing, it’s critical to remind yourself every day that “apathy” means you have no passion about your health.  So get busy!  Move!  Inspire yourself because you have everything to gain.  Remember:  It’s never too late to stave off mental and physical discomfort of aging.

Bad Excuses

Here, compliments of is a list of typical reasons people have for not exercising:

—  “Don’t feel like it.”

So, how do you really feel right now?  Great?  Probably not. Again, you would not be reading this blog if all is hunky dory.

Ask yourself, “Why am I even thinking about exercising?”  To feel better?  To be healthier, happier and able to get around?  To make new friends?  To enjoy your family? To live long enough to know your great-grandchildren?

Picture yourself at your peak of happiness.  How would you look and feel?  What would you be able to do that you cannot now?  What’s keeping you from doing something about it starting right now?

—  “Don’t have the time.”

Yeah, right. You don’t have even 10 minutes to exercise. Who are you kidding?

Stretch for a minute or two.  Get yourself warmed up.  You can stretch even if you can’t get out of bed much less off the couch. Get some resistance bands and use them.  They cost $6.  Do this as often as you can.  It’s good exercise.

Jog for five minutes.  You can do this standing up or sitting down by simply lifting and lowering your feet.  Now try jogging faster for one minute.  Work your way up to 10 minutes moving your feet faster for at least two minutes.  You don’t even have to leave the room to get it done.

—  “I can’t.”

Then get into a routine of standing up and sitting down for a few minutes every hour.  Work your way up to doing this 50 times a day.  Prove to yourself that you can do some form of exercise.  That’s half the battle.

—  “I’m tired.”

That’s because you haven’t been doing anything all day.  As I said earlier:  Get busy!  Do something that actually makes you tired.

—  “Too old.”

Who are you kidding?  There’s no such thing as “too old” to exercise.  You can improve your heart health. You can build muscle mass. You can improve your breathing. You’re never too old to do something.  So develop a simple routine, run it by your doctor or you best friend if need be, and slowly rebuild your strength and stamina.  Shoot for a total of at least 30 minutes of steady moving a day.

—  “Don’t like it.”

Exercise with others.  “Get a buddy,” says celebrity trainer Sean Foy. “Then the two of you can argue about how much you hate exercising while you’re leaning against a wall to squat or sitting on chairs doing side bends.  To make exercise more fun, try some jumping jacks with your grandchildren and watch them giggle.”

—  “Too expensive.”

It doesn’t cost anything to walk. And there are several pieces of exercise equipment (like the resistance bands) that are not expensive.

—  “Can’t get back on track.”

Why not?  Don’t beat yourself up because you used to be active but gave up because you could do as much as before.  You’re only hurting yourself. Talk to your friends and family.  Ask your exercise buddy to help.  Say a prayer.  There is no good reason not to exercise.

Lisa Burbage

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