How You Can Make the World a More Loving Place

Have a healthy Valentine’s Day!

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day, the day that most of us pause to think about who we love and who loves us. It’s a day to reach out to others to let them know we care. Expressing your love is also good for your health.

Each time you give of yourself to those you love, you grow and flourish. But even though we grow when we give love, we must also be able to receive love. I’m not talking about Valentine’s candy here. It’s about your ability to give love and receive it — unconditionally.

That loving relationship may be with your spouse, significant other, close friend or family member. Someone who you give love to by telling them often how much you appreciate them for solely for who they are, not what they give or do for you.

So, starting today, let’s take some time from our very busy days and listen to others who are close to us.  No need to give advice, just listen without judgment.   Allowing others to know that you are listening and that you care is healthy for all involved.

Once we learn how to nurture those close to us in a loving way, then we can go out and make a difference in the world through our children, our communities and nation.  The price of giving unconditional love to others nurtures us and fulfills our purpose in life.  Supportive relationships with your family, friends, co-workers and colleagues that are based on open, respectful communication can have a dramatically beneficial effect on your health.

If you want to live at your optimal health level, pay attention to the health of your social relationships. An important factor of keeping a relationship operating at its highest levels is effective communication. As a health coach, I ask my clients to think about their relationships and assess their communication style, patterns and skills. We talk and brainstorm ideas on how you can improve communications.

So what better day than Valentine’s Day to nurture others, improve your health and make a difference toward making today’s world a kinder and more loving place.




Lisa Burbage

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