Has Stress Zapped Your Joy From Life?

We all have stress, but one of the best ways to manage it is to first become aware of it. To help build your awareness of stress and its impact on your life, try the practice of “mindfulness.” Simply put, mindfulness is the ability to be present in the moment. It refers to a heightened sense of awareness. It comes with paying attention to the here and now, not thinking about what you did yesterday or worrying about what will happen tomorrow. This technique helps clear your mind of all the clutter that stress creates by your simple act of paying attention to the present moment, you are paying attention on purpose. When we slow down and we are fully engaged with what we are doing, then we remember these things, events and people. And so much about a life well lived is memory. Busyness robs us of our desire to linger. It says that if we are not doing something, we are wasting time.

So start paying attention to how you are feeling or what you are doing. Are you tense? Happy? Overwhelmed? Sad? Joyful? Remember not to judge how you are feeling. There are no good or bad feelings. Be kind to yourself no matter what you are experiencing in the moment. Turning inward can help you identify why you are stressed. It can help you find alternate ways to respond in the moment to your stress with clarity and perspective. Look at stress as a challenge and that there is something to be learned here.

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Lisa Burbage

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