How to Have Work/Life Balance

If we are friends on Facebook or you have liked my business page, Wellness Five, you know that I was selected for 2018 to be one of 10 women-owned businesses to participate in the Harbor Entrepreneur Center’s business accelerator program. Thirty women-owned businesses applied and 10 were selected. I am honored to be one of this elite group but as a result for the next six months, I’ll be extra busy. So, as I “schedule” my work, where does this leave the rest of my life?

More than 51 percent of the workforce in the United States is predicted to be made up of women by the end of 2018, according to the U.S. Department of Labor. I’m excited to be over 50 and getting an opportunity to become a leader in this effort. As I continue my journey as a health and wellness entrepreneur, here are some ways I’ve found can improve work and life balance:

  1. Organize your space: Arrange the furniture, desk, necessary files, tables, etc. in a way that is inviting not only to clients but especially for yourself.
  2. Organize your desk to create a peaceful, yet inspired place to work.
  3. Understand how you work best and adjust what you can to create a space in which you thrive.
  4. Create clear expectations and rules for clients and colleagues upfront. This enables you to do your job well and provide support for others to do their jobs well. Setting clear expectation cuts down on frustration and confusion and helps to set boundaries so you are not available 24/7.

When you have a choice, work with people who are “connectors.” Those who help others, help themselves. Few things are more annoying than someone always asking but never giving. If you have an opportunity, refer someone to another business you know can help them out. Promote or share another business’ social media content if you “liked” or thought it helpful. You can have everything in life you want, if you help others get what they need.

Running a Small BusinessI’ve been a businesswoman for over 25 years. Even though my real estate business was successful and my Wellness Five enterprise is off and running I’m still learning new things. Here are a few tips I have learned to make my work life easier:

  • Hire a good accountant.
  • Have a good lawyer that you trust.
  • Make sure to have excellent liability insurance and a business license.
  • Save for retirement with a SEP (Simplified Employment Pension).
  • Whether you are the only person on staff or not, work from home or not, create business hours that keep you focused, accountable and productive.
  • Choose contractors and talent that understand your vision and have a growth mindset.
  • Associate with movers and shakers in your community that are “connectors.”

It’s an extremely fast-paced world today. New, creative and fulfilling business opportunities abound. Doing what you love and enjoying how you do it leads to success. And by working in ways that respect others, showing them that you care and setting clear expectations you’ll have time to do the other things that give your life pleasure. And that will manage your stress, improve your health and keep you enjoying what you do for many years to come.

Lisa Burbage

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